Systems Administrator

Location: Anywhere (Remote)


If you're a server wizard, and you'd like to work remotely in your pyjamas, keep reading!

What sort of tech do we work with?

  • Virtual CentOS-based Linux servers (and a Windows server)
  • Vagrant, Ansible, Docker
  • Apache, NginX, MySQL
  • Memcache, ElasticSearch
  • Gearman, SupervisorD
  • Postfix
  • PHP, Python, Bash (and a bit of C#)

What would you be doing?

  • Working with devs to support changes in our software
  • Securing our network and ensuring we have backups
  • Automating our server maintenance and provisioning
  • Fending off the server gremlins
  • Keeping things running smoothly
  • Generally be amazing

This is a flexible position with varied hours each week. We are open to negotiating the work on a part-time, casual, or contract basis, to suit you.

Cool reasons to work with us:

  • Work from home (or from our Christchurch office)
  • Relaxed, ego-free, family-friendly work culture (And you can wear whatever you like!)

If you work from our Christchurch office, you also get:

  • Weekly Friday BBQ (or sushiBQ, or ThaiBQ)
  • Novelty coffee mugs (and the coffee to go with them)
  • Free snacks (including fresh fruit, and a (nearly) endless supply of M&Ms)
  • An extremely comfortable chair

(You'll have to wear more than just pyjamas, though!)

If you think you have good problem-solving abilities, a solid understanding of a decent chunk of our tech (or similar), at least 3 years commercial admin experience, have the spark we're looking for, and want to show off your skills, we want to hear from you!

How to Apply

  • Record a quick (<2 minutes) video, telling us a bit about yourself, and what technologies you currently work with
  • Create an email for (Subject: Systems Administrator)
  • Attach your CV as a PDF
  • Include a link to the video, plus any links to other projects we might be able to look over
  • Send!