Looking for an Angel Investor for Your Startup?

Running a startup but need some money to grow it? We may be able to help with funding. 

How do we choose who to fund?

The people (you!) behind the startup is what matters the most. We look for brains, motivation, and of course a great idea! We look to fund very early stage ideas or startups (investment amounts are between $10-$100K).

We don't expect you to have a formal business plan but you should have an outline of what your idea is or a prototype to show, how you are going to implement it and where you are getting resources from? We can provide cash, office space and high level expertise but not the people to implement the ideas.

If you think you meet the above then get in contact with us (email only), include your proposal and a background of the founders.

Want to learn how to build a successful startup?

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