General / Operations Manager

Doubledot Media are looking for a General Manager to play a key role in our rapidly growing company. You will be responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the company and making sure all projects get completed on time and within budget. 

If you thrive on multi-tasking, have an excellent eye for detail and 'technical’ talk doesn't scare you - then keep reading.

We’re looking for someone who has strong organizational, written and verbal communication skills, along with a critical eye. While a background in technology, ecommerce or marketing would be helpful, we really want to find someone that can drive and motivate a passionate team of stars and take our company to the next level.

What will you be doing?

  • Coordinating our services and technology managers and providing regular feedback on work completion and staff performance.
  • Planning out and scoping quarterly projects including sales goals and product development goals.
  • Making sure quarterly projects are completed on time and on budget and solving any issues that arise from these projects.
  • Chairing weekly senior management meetings with our department heads.
  • Performance reviews of senior staff and monthly feedback reviews.
  • Hiring and firing staff as required :)
  • Maintaining our vibrant company culture.

Preferred skills and abilities

  • A background in ecommerce, marketing or the online industry. 
  • The ability to communicate with utmost clarity: In writing and in person.
  • An excellent eye for detail when it comes to design. You need to be able to send work back if its not up to our very high standard (and not afraid to send it back more than once!)
  • Ability to coordinate and motivate a team, ensuring they have all the information they need. The buck stops with you  and you'll be acting as the go-to person for a large proportion of the company, so it's important that you're good with people!
  • Initiative: The ability to see when things could be improved, and start setting these things in motion.
  • Resourcefulness: You should be able to research things yourself and find solutions.
  • Perspective: The ability to step back and see the bigger picture, and understand how everything is going to come together. We don't want someone who is going to get bogged down on one unimportant task!

We're looking for a person with a good head on his or her shoulders - someone with a broad range of skills and aptitudes who can quickly understand our products and thrives in a challenging environment.

If you think you've got what it takes, get in touch!



How to Apply

We're going to level with you here: We usually get a lot of applications, and a lot of them are not very inspiring.

We're looking for people with good problem-solving skills, good communication skills, and the willingness to go the extra mile, so here’s what you need to do.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Record a short, 2-3 minute cover letter video and upload it somewhere where we can see it. Tell us a little bit about yourself, why you think you’d be great for this role and list (or show) any relevant experience you have for the role.
  2. Create an email for (Subject: General / Operations Manager Position)
  3. Provide a link to your video inside the email
  4. Attach your CV/resume in PDF format 
  5. Send

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